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Death Corp

Art is a young college graduate looking for his first serious job. After a series of unsuccessful interviews, It seems that a really interesting opportunity arises. However, due to a series of disturbing accidents, his interviewers die horribly during the job interview. But that's not all. Death itself materializes in front of Art's eyes and, impressed by the young man's skills, offers him a job as an intern at his own company, Death Corp. 

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 Meet tons of ridiculous characters, recollect the souls of those who recently passed away and, sometimes, push forward fate by solving outrageous and hilarious puzzles (and yes, when we say fate we mean that pot on the edge of the window). 

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Dark humor with bright colors scenes divided in independent chapters with constant references to film and book genres, pop culture and classic point and click games.

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Try the free demo!

- Download - Unzip - Run D.Corp Demo.exe

- 30 minutes (more or less) of gameplay

- Languages: English, Español

DISCLAIMER-Work In Progress

The following Demo is very much a Work In Progress and does not represent the final look of the game. Graphics, animations, sounds, etc. are preliminary and subject to change.

Any kind of feedback or comments are welcome and really appreciated. Trying to build this game as a solo developer, every bit of help and support matters and counts in a way you would never imagine.

Thank you so much for trying this game! Hope you have fun!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeathCorpGame

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PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorAlberto Costa
Tags2D, Comedy, Dark Humor, lucasarts, Mouse only, Point & Click, Unity


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Gave the demo a look released over on Steam.  Really great idea and the demo is just enough of a taste.


Thank you so much for playing it! I love your playthrough

Very nice and polished for a prototype. Great visuals, fun concept. I definitely would like to see a full release. :) 

Thank you very much for your kind words and thanks for the video! I really enjoyed! :D Hope you like the full game too!

Hey! How is development going? :)


It´s going well!:) I´m working hard to have first chapter finished for the end of the year and hopefully the same time the crowfunding campaign is out.

But working as a solo dev is really hard... haha Hope I survive!

You will survive, you're making a game about death, you can't have that irony happen. :) 

hahahaha You can't imagine how many times I thought about that... :D

Love it! Do you need an Italian localization? :) Look forward to the final version. 

Thank you! That would be great! At the moment I am only planning to have the game in English and Spanish but I would love to have it in more languages if I get the money to make it possible... Glad you like it!:)

Qué chulada Alberto. Esperando la versión completa.

Muchas gracias! ;)

Love it!

Thank you! Super glad you like it!!

I enjoyed the demo!  The art, animation, and humor are quite nice.  I do notice that there are some typos, misspellings, and oddly worded phrases!  I recommend getting some proofreaders or doing a closed beta in the future for help with catching those things, because it will improve the game even more!

Thanks for playing and thanks a lot for the feedback! You are absolutely right about the writing. At the moment I was more concerned with whether the dialogues were understandable and the players could follow the scenes and the story without any problem. But I really understand what you said about the weird writing and I'll try to fix all the typos and spelling errors for the next update. Thanks again!

Unique arty graphics, definitely gonna try it out ✅

Thank you so much! Hope you like it!

Looks great! My gameplay in Spanish ;)

Muchas gracias Ana! Genial el video!